Aναφορά σχoλίου

Antisemitic stereotyping and Holocaust trivialisation by key Greek ministers and opposition spokesman
Source: HOPE not hate | Saturday, 19 March 2016
From Panayote Dimitras for Greek Helsinki Monitor in Athens

Panos Kammenos, minister of defence and leader of the extreme right Independent Greeks( ANEL), the government partner to the leftist SYRIZA in Greece, boasted on 17 March 2016 that he is going to the USA inter alia to speak “to the largest decision centre, the Jewish Centre of the USA”. (He is scheduled to speak to an American-Israel Public Affairs Committee conference).

The very next day, minister of the interior Panayote Kouroublis (SYRIZA), after a visit to the Idomeni Greek-Macedonian border camp where thousands of refugees are stranded living in horrible conditions, stated: “I do not hesitate to say that this is a modern Dachau, the result of the logic of closed borders.”

On the same and again on the next day, the main opposition New Democracy party's spokesperson Giorgos Koumoutsakos, quoted Kouroublis at least twice to describe the Idomeni camp as a “Dachau.”

Antisemitic stereotypes and Holocaust trivialisation are common place in Greece where, according to a 2014 Anti-Defamation League world-wide opinion poll, 69% espouse antisemitic stereotypes, the highest percentage in any country outside the Arab world.

This is why there was absolutely no outraged reaction to these statements that, in other EU countries, would have led even to the immediate resignation of the ministers who uttered them.