Aναφορά σχoλίου

Translation of the article in English by Andrea Gilbert

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The poster at the entrance to the gift shop where the Apostolic Ministration of the Church of Greece sells books that foment archaisms and preach hatred! In the accompanying photos one can see exactly what the Church means when it refers to books and reading. The Books' Journal

Hand in hand with Eleftheri Ora, the newspaper of conspiracy theories and balderdash, the Apostolic Ministration of the Church of Greece headed by the Archbishop Hieronymus trades in those most eminent books promulgating conspiracy theories, antisemitism and extremist nationalism. [TBJ]

The Church of Greece’s silence regarding the revelatory, documented accusation on the website XYZContagion (https://xyzcontagion.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/apostoliki-diakonia-eleftheri-ora/) that we republished here three days ago (http://booksjournal.gr/γνώμες/item/1710-η-εκκλησία-της-ελλάδας-χέρι-χέρι-με-τη-ρατσιστική-και-συνωμοσιολογική-ελεύθερη-ώρα) confirms the Church’s accord with racial extremists.

We visited the bazaar on Aiolou Street on December 29th only to find the entrance dominated by the poster for the bazaar, which boldly features the insignia of the Apostolic Ministration of the Church of Greece and in smaller letters the newspaper Eleftheri Ora.

On the shelves of the bazaar alongside numerous conspiracy books, we saw among others The Secret "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", Giannis Fourakis’ Zionist Conspiracies, Kostas Plevris’ Viglatores [Sentinels], and the Patriotic People's Will by Christos Goudis, the Golden Dawn member of the Athens Municipal Council.

Shame then on the President of the Apostolic Ministration Archbishop Hieronymus (http://www.apostoliki-diakonia.gr/gr_main/profile/profile.asp?content=content&main=kentriko.htm)
and on the entire Church, which remains silent, complicit if not approving. Shame, too, on the supposedly leftist Tsipras government, which also maintains its silence over this activity of the highest governmental agency. In the future, the Greek government should not complain when this embrace with the worst racism is discussed in the UN as Greece, in 2016, comes under examination for how it does (not) combat racism.

Finally, how is it that the Central Jewish Council of Greece is not disturbed?